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oysters don’t get any fresher than this, straight off the boat… only downside was having to learn to shuck them. happy to say my fingers are all still intact.

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came down with another case of tool covetousness today - a 2 1/2” hydraulic punch.

makes nice clean holes in heavy gauge steel (or, not-so-lethal shuriken, if you look at it from both the positive space and negative space perspective.)

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these must be some of the largest blocks of steel ever produced - they exude gravity.

also, interesting weathering detail from an edge of another Serra slab.

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I needed a mallet that would be suitable to cut dovetails and other fine work, so made this from African blackwood and Paulo santo. Both hold a thread well so decided to join the head to the handle using a 20 tpi thread chased by hand on the lathe. I think the Paulo santo (very similar to Lignum Vitae) should change to a darker green colour over time which could be an interesting contrast, also it smells amazing! Both these woods are extremely dense and although this is quite a small mallet, it certainly has a nice weight to it. 

100 years from now, someone will come upon this and say “whomever created this was a true craftsman.”